Timely response to questions and consistent team meeting cadence.... I really appreciated the detailed meeting minutes because it made my job easier managing the Logic team.
— Lee Lindberg, Logic PD (Program Management Manager @ contract manufacturer)

You get the integrated perspective of manufacturing, quality, and supply chain management

We’ll go to your suppliers to address issues, so your staff can focus on day-to-day operations

We’ll manage all activities to transfer or bring up new products.

We’ll develop an efficient and lean corporate supply chain strategy

We bring agility & flexibility to your supply chain

We use lean manufacturing ideologies to reduce your costs.

•We establish controls for monitoring product performance to improve quality levels.

We apply six-sigma principles to improve your product quality.

We offer training for your staff to speed resolution of quality problems.

•We provide custom solutions based upon individual customer & product needs.

We offer flat monthly fees to be available when you need us with your budget in mind.

How are your suppliers doing?