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entrepreneurs, Start-ups & Student inventors

JSL Solutions started working with inventors, entrepreneurs, and start-up companies because of the problems encountered during early-stage production with their suppliers (i.e. not meeting delivery requirements or having quality issues resulting in rising product cost). Rarely do these young companies have the resources to hire an Operations Director, a supply chain manager, and manufacturing or quality engineers to resolve these issues, or ideally, prevent them.  JSL Solutions helps entrepreneurs by:

  • Finding the right supplier for their business
  • Managing all of the activities associated with bringing up a new manufacturing line
  • Developing the manufacturing processes and quality controls to prevent and detect defects.


  • We incorporate long-term considerations and not just 'short-term' solutions to "get it done" and leave you with supply chain inefficiencies that can't support you or grow with you.  We want the suppliers you engage with to be the suppliers you stay with.
  • We refuse to offer a "one size fits all" solution when it comes to finding the manufacturers for your product. Your custom product deserves a custom supply chain
  • We seek to understand your financing, product, and the targeted industry to help you find long-term partner suppliers.
  • We will help develop realistic timelines for new product bring-up including contingency for probable and unexpected challenges.
  • We will provide solutions for prototype builds, first production, and long-term mass production.
  • We know how to navigate the manufacturing minefield that lies ahead as you launch your product.
  • We negotiate contracts for pricing and delivery with your suppliers to protect your interests.
  • We will work with domestic or international suppliers to meet your requirements.
  • Great suppliers and partners aren't found, they  are developed.

Free Advice: While it might be easier to find a "one stop shop" or a manufacturer who will "do it all" in the near term, you give up ownership of where and how your product is made. While you might be successful in the near-term, you limit yourself to make necessary changes in the long-term as your business needs change. We encourage every company, regardless of size, to have relationships with every supplier touching any piece their product.

You don't have to be lucky to find the right supplier, you just need to know what you are looking for and what you aren't looking for.