Ms. Loper founded JSL Solutions in 2007 to help Colorado companies bring up new products with her contacts throughout southeast Asia. Since the manufacturing market crash in 2008, she has been more focused on helping US companies manufacture in the US and going overseas where it makes business sense to do so.

Jenney is JSL Solutions' principal consultant with more than 15 years experience in hardware manufacturing in the Denver-Boulder area.  She developed a unique skill-set with competencies in manufacturing engineering, supplier quality and supply chain management .  Her broad experience allows her to create solutions that balance both technical and business risks.

Jenney is committed to helping companies transfer products into production with considerations for long-term success.  She’s repeatedly seen how poor planning for manufacturing in designs causes long-term quality issues in production and inefficiencies during assembly that limit production improvements and cost-savings.

  Jenney cultivates supplier relationships by creating open and trusted lines of communications where expectations are clearly communicated and suppliers are held accountable.  She has been described as demanding, but fair.  She perseveres through challenges and diligently works with suppliers until they meet the defined expectations.

Jenney is very professional and respectful in her actions - yielding to every member of the team and deferring to their expertise as needed. She does not feel compelled to have the answer be initiated from herself - but rather embraces a solution regardless of the origin.
— Marty Palmeri, MP Tech Group (manufacturer's representative)