• Choosing the right supplier is as important as the design of your product.

  • Not every supplier is a perfect fit for every product.

  • Your suppliers are as important as your customers.

  • One of the biggest contributors to on-going quality issues is poor communication of problems.

  • The best suppliers are chosen by considering what is needed for the design, quality requirements, and alignment of business goals between the supplier and the client.

  • There are always challenges, but how a supplier responds to them is key in the long-term relationship.

What suppliers say:

Jenney sees suppliers as partners with shared goals, listens to their concerns, is prepared to discuss solutions, and is willing to help to find the best way to tackle the challenges that exist with a supplier / customer relationship. This approach was very much appreciated in my organization, as we do not always have the same level of co-operation from all of our customers.
— Gordon Ross (Test Engineering Manager, contact manufacturer)
Jenney truly “listens” to the supplier and then holds them responsible for the actions that they set forth. No different than an ISO audit - say what you do and do what you say!
— Marty Palmeri, MP Tech Group (manufacturer's representatives)